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The gorgeous handmade cuddly dolls are not only loved by children. Every doll is unique and accompany for life time. Their workmanship advances a child’s fantasy and enriches its wits, because the dolls are sewn with a variety of natural materials and filled with soft lambs’ wool. Should the dolls once get dirty during all their adventures, they can easily be washed by hand and dried in a towel. Their clothes are also machine-washable at 30 °C.


Rose Scarves

The fine rose scarves are a combination of a hand-felted rose brooch and a subtle Chiffon-silk-scarf. As a distinct flower-accessory they are highly versatile - noble in combination with a blazer, playful as flower scarf in the hair, nonchalant as colourful flower belt or romantic as rose necklace - give your fancy full scope. One thing they have all in common - the roses are always a gorgeous eye catcher.

Garden Design

As a graduate landscape architect (univ.) I am planning gardens in a natural style.

Both large-scale open borders with seasonal flower aspects and small-scale garden concepts characterized by perennials and grasses.

I can offer you garden structure plans, detailed planting plans and professional advice and support at your property in creation and maintenance of your garden.

Fine Pastries, Pranilés and Bread

The gorgeous flower pastry arouse from blending two passions - it is the je ne sais quoi at your afternoon tee, summer garden party or as a sweet little present.

The Anemona pralinés are as well a loving gift or simply for your own delight - handmade of first class ingredients and seasonally inspired – try my Easter egg or Christmas pralinés or those with a floral taste of summer.

Anemonas`offer comprises as well homemade classical international pastry - German classics like Schwarzwälder cherry cake, cheesecake and carnival Berliner but also Swedish, English and French pastry specialities.

The daily bread - you can order a variety of sourdough breads and rolls - German and Swiss dark rye sourdough bread, French baguette, crispy wheat sourdough bread, different types of rolls and Bavarian pretzels.